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Welcome to your Digital Electronics Introduction (MCQs)

What is digital electronics?

In digital electronics, what is a binary digit called?

How many different values can be represented by 3 bits?

Which numbering system is commonly used in digital electronics?

What is the basic building block of digital circuits?

Which of the following statements is correct for digital signals and digital circuits?

What is the Boolean expression for the AND gate?

How many possible input combinations will be in the truth table of a 4-input NAND gate?

What is the output of an AND gate if both of its inputs are set to 1 (logic high)?

How many bits are needed to store one BCD digit?

What is the primary function of a decoder in digital circuits?

The following gates are known as universal logic gates?

What is the purpose of a flip-flop in digital circuits?

Which digital component acts as a memory element that retains its state until changed?

What is the primary use of a multiplexer (MUX) in digital circuits?

Which digital component is commonly used to count events or pulses in digital systems?

What is the primary function of a shift register in digital circuits?

Temperature variation is a/an?

What is the primary role of a clock signal in digital systems?

In digital circuits, what is the purpose of a demultiplexer (DEMUX)?

What is the primary function of a digital comparator?

Which logic gate performs the NAND operation?

The logical sum of two or more than two logical products is termed as

The Minterms for four variables?

Which of the given logic family provide minimum power dissipation?

The AND operation is equivalent to?

Which is the fastest logic family?

Which of the following statements is true for registers.

The different names of gray code

The reflective code is also called as?

The basic SRAM consists of the following

In binary number system the first bit from right to left is called as

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