Octal To Binary & Binary To Octal Converter Tool

How to use: Octal to binary: Binary to Octal: Octal to Binary and Binary to Octal Converter Octal to Binary Clear Binary to Octal Clear What are octal and binary number systems? Binary System (Base 2): The binary system, also termed base-2, relies on two digits, 0 and 1, to denote numerical values. Each digit

Hexadecimal To Decimal and Decimal To Hexadecimal Conversion Examples

Example#01:4859)10= ?)16 4859/16 =303 remainder 11)10=B)16 303/16= 18 remainder 15)10=F)16 18/16=1 remainder 2)10=2)16 Look at the highlighted numbers 12FB)16 Answer 4859)10= 12FB)16 Example#02:23456.235)10= ?)16 Solve integer part using division by 16 23456/16=1466 remainder 0 =0)16 1466/16=91 remainder 10)10=)16 91/16=5 reminder 11)10=B)16 Look at the highlighted numbers 5BA0)16 Mantissa will be calculated by using repeated multiplication

Binary To Hexadecimal And Hexadecimal To Binary Conversion

The conversion between hexadecimal and binary number systems is an easy task. Let’s start. Key Questions: Convert binary numbers into hexadecimal numbers Convert hexadecimal numbers into binary numbers How to convert binary fractions into hexadecimal fractions How to convert hexadecimal fractions into binary fractions Hexadecimal numbers 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 Binary

Boolean Algebra

Introduction: Boolean Algebra is a mathematical language of digital systems. To design digital logic systems, the study of Boolean Algebra is imperative. It is one of the primitive tools for a logic designer, to design, analyze and simplify the logic.  Outline: Three Basic Gates | Three Basic Operations In Boolean Algebra: Boolean Inversion | The

Logic Gates & Logic Circuits

Logic Gates: Logic Gates and Logic Circuits are the building blocks of digital circuits, perform simple logical operations on one or more outputs and produce a single output. With the help of connecting different logic gates, we can perform arithmetic and other logical operations within seconds. Boolean Algebra: The branch of algebra in which the

Number Systems step by step

Introduction: You’ve heard about the number system. Number systems are techniques for representing numbers of a certain type. It is a mathematical notation for representing numbers, consistently using digits or other symbols. Typically we use a decimal number system in our day-to-day life. However, the computer only understands binary numbers. Others are octal and hexadecimal